Hygromedia, LLC has been producing in situation formed hydrothermally stabilized silica gel and specialty substrates, in block format, since 2014 and supplies desiccant rotor manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the United States. Its products have a reputation for high quality, high performance, prompt availability and competitive pricing. We use state of the art manufacturing equipment and strict quality measures to ensure our products meet the highest standards. Hygromedia materials can be found in diverse applications such as Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Food Storage and Packaging, Hospitals, Lithium Battery Production and many others.

HSG: High Capacity Silica Gel with 0/0 flame and smoke resistance by independent ASTM E-84 test, and independent performance test by the national Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in their ASHRAE Standard 139 compliant test facility. Used for general and high entering dewpoint dehumidification

HCM: High Capacity Silica Gel Carbon mix for passive dehumidification and low temperature regeneration

HVM: High Capacity NMP recovery applications

H4M: High Capacity Molecular Sieve for plastics drying and composite low dewpoint applications

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